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Tortilla Flat - Celtic Folk Rock 'n' Punk
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"If all the dew were diamonds", Pablo said, "we would be very rich. We would be drunk all our lives". But Pilon, on whom the curse of realism lay uneasily, added: "Everybody would have too many diamonds. There would be no price for them, but wine always costs money. If only it would rain for a day, now, and we had a tank to catch it in". "But good wine", interjected Pablo, "not rotgut swill like the last you got". "I didn't pay for it", said Pilon. "Someone hid it in the grass by the dance hall. What can you expect of wine you
find ?"

Dialogue from "TORTILLA FLAT" by John Steinbeck, 1935
Tortilla Flat Switzerland The Parting Glass
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"New Stuff in an old Barrel"